Friday, January 1, 2016

The Road

Welcome to The Road.  I am writing this new blog as an outlet for the more serious subjects that I need to express.  People have responded well when I have done serious posts in my humor blog (they didn’t belong there but that was the only venue available) and when I have posted these type of things on Facebook, so now there is a place for them.

We have the precious opportunity to begin this journey and someday, often unexpectedly, the journey ends. In between these events, we travel on The Road.  This blog exists to provide the help we all need at times in this journey.

You may describe these observations as wisdom, I look at them as lessons learned.  I am able to describe the right way, because I have done it the wrong way.  And because I am still on The Road, I am still learning how to walk it and I will share those insights here.
This blog will provide spiritual insights and guidance without being religious.  It is written from a Christian perspective, but will not seek to convert anyone.  There is no hidden agenda, the only purpose is to help my fellow travelers on The Road.

I’ve needed to express these thoughts for a long time.  In 2009, I lost my job that I had held for 16 years.  The Road had an unexpected turn and it’s been quite a journey.  After I delivered a eulogy for a family member in 2012, my friend Stephanie hugged me and whispered in my ear “You need to write this stuff down”.  Sometimes God speaks to you in spirit and sometimes he has a lovely women whisper in your ear.  It has taken my four years to accommodate Stephanie, but The Road is long, isn’t it?

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